Here's what Kenoza Chiropractic's patients are saying!

"Dr.Amari has been our “family doctor” for injuries for many years. He is gentle, caring, and has a wonderful staff who constantly go out-of-their-way for patients every day. The office completes all paperwork for you and works efficiently with your attorney if you have one. I refer everyone to Kenoza Chiropractic for their injuries.” S.G. Haverhill

“Kenoza Chiropractic has helped all of my friends who have been for traditional care like physical therapy and drugs, and got little or no relief. Their use of natural, drug-free methods is awesome and amazingly fast and effective for muscle and joint injuries, especially from auto accidents like the one I had.” M.S. Bradford

“Dr.Amari has a sign in his waiting room that says, “Chiropractic First, Drugs Second, Surgery Last. “ Boy is that true! His therapy program kept me from having to get surgery for my back injury caused from an accident. His cooperation with my doctor, family, boss, and attorney was the winning combination in getting me back to my life!” B.D. Haverhill