Kenoza Chiropractic Offices

Did You Know??

  • We run Haverhill’s longest-established accident treatment center and have served thousands of automobile accident victims over the last 30 years.
  • We have the education, experience, location, and friendly/ competent staff to help you with all the stressful components of what auto accident injuries impose on people.
  • From correcting the physical problems of injuries drugless, non-surgically, and caringly…to handling all of the red-tape paperwork-we are here for you
  • We focus primarily on the care and rehabilitation of automobile, work-related, and household injuries.
  • We most likely have treated your family members, friends or neighbors…now it’s your turn !
  • Our expertise involves diminishing pain and discomfort using gentle therapies that are doctor and technician assisted... not just technician assisted, as in other offices
  • Even seemingly minor injuries from an automobile accident injury can cause seriously disabling conditions in the future if not treated immediately.
  • Our treatments are natural, painless, drugless, and extremely effective.
  • Most automobile accident soft-tissue injuries are treated perfectly with chiropractic care first, and when rarely needed, drugs second, and surgery last!
  • We are not a chiropractic “franchise” where patients’ fees are increased to have to pay for franchise fees, and the only “instruments” we need to adjust spines are our hands-no ” snap guns” of any kind here!