Why You Should Choose Our Office To Treat Your Car Accident Injuries

We have been treating automobile accident injury pain for many decades, in fact, Dr.Sam Amari,Jr. was the first chiropractic doctor to use modern adjunctive therapies on patients here in Haverhill such as electrical muscle stimulation,ultrasound,intersegmental traction,etc. Prior to this,only "traditional" joint manipulative care was offered,which oftentimes requires longer treatment regimens for progress to occur.  We continue to use these therapies in conjunction with gentle chiropractic manipulative therapy to help with patient response time!

When you call,you will be scheduled promptly for a FREE consultation with Dr.Amari at his treatment center directly across from AAA on Kenoza Avenue. We have been here for over 40 years and have the longest-functioning chiropractic automobile- accident injury rehabilitative center in the area!  Don't let the pain worsen when you can do something quickly about it here in Haverhill at our office....and by the way,we have plenty of on-site parking (no fighting downtown traffic and lack of parking spaces) and we are located on Rt.110,a major bus route. Call us today at: 978-373-9330 to get started or to have any or all of your questions answered!

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