Automobile Accident Injuries Haverhill Massachusetts

Dr.Sam Amari,Jr., at Kenoza Chiropractic Offices,89-93 Kenoza Avenue in Haverhill,MA, focuses on the care and rehabilitation of automobile accident injuries,wether the accident was your fault or the other person's fault. Usually,your care is paid for 100% by your automobile insurance,and you NEVER require a referral by your primary care doctor.

Our office is Haverhill's longest-established chiropractic accident injury facility,and continues after more than 40 years. Just ask your neighbor or friends....they have either been treated by us or know someone who has!  So if experience is what you are looking for,especially if you have a litigation case, you will get what you need at our office. We are focused on care that does NOT involve drugs or surgery (2nd and 3rd resorts)

Give us a call today if you want prompt relief and natural correction for your car accident injuries. 978-373-9330

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